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Council 'Demolish first' policy doesn't add up

The South Essex Building Preservation Trust (SEBPT) has contacted Rochford District Council to gain its permission to conduct an independant non-intrusive survey of Mill Hall, which the SEBPT will orgainse and fund.

The body is proposing this based on the Council's assertion that the building is uneconomic to repair and maintain.

SEBPT is a local charity which seeks to save significant buildings in our area which are valued by the public, especially those in Conservation Areas such as Mill Hall.

The Save Mill Hall Campaign supports this move by the SEBPT and will further support any fund raising for this if the Council gives them permission to proceed. We think it is absolutely right that a second opinion should be sought on the condition of the hall.

At the same time we have contacted RDC with an FOI request for all historical building, heritage and condition surveys conducted on the Mill Hall and Mill Hall site and the Civic suite site to date. We will bring you information on this should the council provide this information.

RIBA disagrees with RDC's 'demolition first' policy

You may remember that last week The Royal Institute of British Architects disagreed with RDC's demolish first policy - with its press release 'demolitions should be stopped to lower carbon emissions':

RIBA Architects say building demolitions are a major cause of carbon emissions and that it was a mistake to promote demolitions as the way forward.

Instead, it said we should refurbish old buildings rather than scrap them, because of the pollution that would be involved in constructing a replacement building, otherwise known as 'embodied carbon'.

Media contacts:

Paul Dunt, press officer, Save Mill Hall Campaign

(07939) 228052

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