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  • John Payton

Rayleigh Brass supports the Save Mill Hall Campaign

Rayleigh Brass, a key user of the Mill Hall has voiced it's support for our campaign and criticised Rochford District Council and it's claims that Mill Hall is underused.

Kevin Hall from Rayleigh Brass said:

Rayleigh Brass has been established in excess of 100 years and been a regular hirer of the Mill Hall since the mid 1970’s - performing three feature concerts a year at the venue. We absolutely support the campaign to save the Mill Hall as a venue that the people of the Rayleigh and Rochford district are justifiably proud of and that Rochford and District Council should be equally proud of, as opposed to viewing it as a potential cash asset. The venue allows ambitious productions to be staged by local amateur groups in all areas of the arts whether they be musical or dramatic, offering the backstage storage and changing facilities that are simply not available elsewhere locally. Audience facilities are spacious too, offering substantial reception and bar areas to occupy during production intervals. In addition the ‘Mill’ provides numerous community day groups facilities and flexible space that will simply not be available under the Rochford District Council proposals. Make no mistake - this is a loss to all the people of the district. We are disappointed that the ‘vision’ proposed by Rochford District Council actually shows no vision and that statements regarding ‘underuse’ have simply not been substantiated. Please voice your opposition to the plans via petitions available or whatever means are available to you. In the words of a popular supermarket ‘When it’s gone, it’s gone’.

You can visit the Rayleigh Brass website here:

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