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WrestleForce comments on the potential demolition of Rayleigh Mill Hall

WrestleForce is a professional live wrestling events company which has for years, staged wrestling shows at the Mill Hall, Bringing you live action packed shows that the whole family and community can enjoy. Oliver Scott, the Promoter for WrestleForce and also a resident of Rayleigh gave us the following comments:

WrestleForce ran 3 times a year at the Rayleigh Mill and it was always packed. The venue is a pillar of the community, is used frequently and very much valued. The proposal to demolish and build blocks of flats and a smaller hall (that wouldn't be suitable for our events and for many of the other activities that currently take place at the Rayleigh Mill) were never put to the people of Rayleigh. This is why there is now a resistance and attempt to try and save the Rayleigh Mill! It does very much appear this was hastily pushed through out of the public eye. We recommend all our fans who enjoyed our events at the Rayleigh Mill to sign the petition and support the campaign.

Above: The Mill Hall in events setup - the large space is perfect for live shows and entertainment.

You can visit WrestleForce's website here:

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